Environmental Impact Statement

During 2014, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency ("CEAA" or the "Agency") completed their technical review of the proposed Project and released the final Comprehensive Study Report (“CSR”) for a thirty day public comment period (See Star Diamonds News Release dated June 25, 2014). The preparation of the CSR and the public comment period are steps in the Federal Comprehensive Study type environmental assessment process for the Star-Orion South Project (“Project”). The CEAA is the lead agency for the Federal government and Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment ("Ministry") is the lead agency on behalf of the Province, which are jointly conducting the environmental assessment of the proposed Project. The CSR contains CEAA’s conclusions about the potential environmental effects of the Project, based on information presented in Star Diamonds revised Environmental Impact Statement and supplemental information submitted to the Agency in September 2012, April, June, August, December 2013, and April and May 2014. Within the CSR, CEAA concluded that the Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects when the implementation of proposed mitigation measures is taken into account.

During December 2014, the CEAA announced an Environmental Assessment Decision for the proposed Project (See Star Diamonds News Release dated December 3, 2014). The Environment Minister announced that the Project “is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects when the mitigation measures described in the Comprehensive Study Report are taken into account”.

The Final EIS was released for public comment by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in January 2015. The public was invited to comment on the EIS and the Ministry’s technical review comments. In January 2017, the Company was informed by the Saskatchewan Minister of Environment that additional consultation is required between the government and First Nation and Métis communities for the government to meet its legal obligation with respect to duty to consult and accommodate process (See Star Diamonds News Release dated January 26, 2017). Since that time, the government proceeded with a work plan that they anticipate will enable them to complete this required consultation process. The Ministry has indicated to Star Diamond Corp. that once consultations with potentially impacted First Nation and Métis communities are completed, all pertinent information will be reviewed before a decision is made under The Environmental Assessment Act.

To view Star Diamonds EIS, as well as the Project Specific Guideline's, please click here.